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This is my very first adventure in painting a set myself. I have many unpainted sets left from the original kickstarter and I know most customers want them painted but also want to avoid import from the US.

This is a test-set that I mainly did to check out techniques and colours. I don't (yet) have the Pokorny paints. I did not get the colour for the individual stones right. So please check the difference to the original to judge if this is acceptable to you or not. If in doubt, please don't buy.

Colours used:

Vallejo Game Colours

48 for Base Grey (good match)

40 for Earth Stone (more yellow)

63 for Olive Green (good match)

34 for Stone Edge (good match)

I plan to order some Pokorny paints - but a set takes just under 2 hours to paint - so don't expect lots of painted sets on offer soon.


Game Tiles is our Dwarvenite 25mm gaming terrain that is inspired by (and completely compatible with) our classic resin terrain.  Perfect for D&D, and other 25mm games, Game Tiles look and feel spectacular.

The Game Tiles set comes complete with these 34 pieces:

SKU Description Qty
1-B Straight Wall* 14
1-A Corner* 6
1-C 2 X 2 Floor* 12
1-D Swinging Door 2

*has a 2” x 2” footprint