Advanced Builder Set 2

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The Advanced Builder Set 2! 

This set contains many highly useful pieces that will allow you to MAXIMIZE the playing area on your table. New “filler” type pieces abound in this set, and they are designed to work around and inside the passage pieces from our classic Room and Passage Set. Areas that were once dead or empty can now be turned into playable rooms, passages, and spaces. Clever designers can now create large setups without unplayable areas within their designs. Such designs could feature realistic dungeons, inns, temples, or any number of floor plans while still incorporating large 10ft. wide passageways within.

In addition to these “filler” type pieces, this set includes classic “passage pieces” with openings (corner and straight) as well as classic corner “room pieces” with openings (one even at a 45% angle) The Set includes freestanding walls to block these openings if desired or to utilize as low walls or other design elements. But mostly, these openings are for our FOUR new narrow doors in the set: Demonic, Runic, Metallic reinforced, and Voice-spell enchanted!

Finally, the set includes two straight walls with windows for those designers with abbeys and stone buildings in mind. The window openings are the same size as the windows in the Medieval Building Set, so our shutter inserts will work with these pieces as well.

The 42-piece set consists of:

1x Corner Passage with Openings 
1x Short Passage with Openings 
1x Corner Wall with Openings 
2x Corner Wall with Diagonal Opening 
2x Narrow Door Metal 
1x Narrow Door Mouth 
1x Narrow Door Rune 
2x Narrow Door Demon 
4x Narrow Half Wall 
1x Floor w/Notch (2 x 2)
2x Half Floor 
2x Half Wall 
8x Floor (2 x 1.5)
6x Floor (1.5 x 2)
2x Straight Wall with Window 
6x Insert Wall