Game Tiles Cavern set unpainted, stretch goal

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This is a double set at a special price with limited availability:

The first part contains all basic cavern pieces

This Cavern set includes three basic shapes to extend other sets. Floor pieces measure 2" x 2"

This set contains 26 pieces:

SKU Description Qty
5-C Floor A 9
5-B Straight A 9
5-A Corner A 8


The second part is an assortment of Caverns to match bonus stretch goals from the 2014 Caverns Kickstarter campaign.

This set contains 28 pieces:

5-D Passage 2
5-BB Straight B 2
5-CB Floor B 2
5-AB Corner B 2
5-BC Straight C 2
5-CC Floor C 2
5-AC Corner C 2
5-U End Cap 1
5-SW Spider Web 1
5-SP2 Narrow Stalagmite 1
5-PS7 45 Degree Cavern Passage 2
5-CD Floor D 1
5-WS Free Standing Straight Wall 1
5-WCU Free Standing Curved Wall 1
5-AR 2" Archway 1
5-CP2 Concave chasm Ledge 1
5-CP3 Straight Chasm Ledge 1
5-CP4 Pointed Chasm Ledge 1
5-CP1 Convex Chasm Ledge 1
5-BD Straight Wall Mine Entrance 1


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