We are back

Posted by Jens Loesel on

This has been a stealth launch - but already some of our great customers are finding us.

Here is a list of what we have achieved so far:

  • The first orders are in and will go out tomorrow - thanks.
  • 90% of all items are added.
  • I finally managed to list a few City Builder Sets with very limited stock - some never even managed it into the original store
  • I still have a few resin sets to sort through - stay tuned
  • Sipping added to all countries which ordered in the last 6 months
  • Only up to 20 kg right now
  • Most rates are reduced
  • Norway nearly reduced by half
  • US/Canada can now check out directly
  • Sorry France - you moved to Europe 2 but it is still nearly the same cost
  • If you have an order below 1.5 kg ask for cheaper shipping
  • If you can't check out then either check with me - I can always add shipping to your cart manually
  • Todo
  • All the legal stuff/return policy etc. check on the old pages if you need
  • Thod's Bazaar Mushrooms - I plan to bring them back
  • Thod's Bazaar carpets - I still have some and plan to bring them back
  • Regular news
  • Lots what I likely forgot in the list