Shipping and other changes during Corona

Posted by Jens Loesel on

Let me start with the good news. I shipped some orders last week and we are still open to do business. But during these times we are asked to minimize travel and follow social distancing rules - therefore a few changes are happening right now.


I have still full access (albeit at shortened opening times). They have changed how to log in yourself and you no longer speak to anyone directly - but it means I can just slip in and out and still get orders.

Having said this - we are supposed to keep travel to a minimum. There is a Lidl supermarket located just across the street - so currently I plan to visit the warehouse only once a week in combination with shopping.

I decided the best day is likely middle of the week. So if you order before Wednesday morning, then I will pick it up the same week and will ship next day. At other times it might wait for the next Wednesday.

I keep a few common items at home - so in some cases you might get lucky. But don't count on it.


My preferred shipper DPD no longer accepts my orders. I'm therefore using Parcelforce (Royal Mail) until all is back to normal. There is no extra cost for you (they tend to be slightly more expensive). But it might add a day or a few to shipping. And off course - shipping itself could be a lot slower right now.

On the bright side - I know about at least one order that managed to go all the way down to Italy. It might have taken a few extra days - but it arrived.

Painted Base Sets

A year ago I tested to paint a base set. I never really followed it up as it was a lot of time to get a set painted properly. My daughter lost her job just over a week ago (helping out in a Fish&Chips Shop) and won't be getting that job back until the crisis is over.

I offered her a deal that she could get my unpainted base set for a discount and get them painted and add them here. She is now fully trained up and the first 4 sets are painted already - with around 3-5 more being done every week. I will add them to the shop later.

I got 2 boxes of 12 sets each from the warehouse - so that should last a while.

The paints used try to mimic the Chinese paint job done as closely as possible. We will make a few photos for comparison before they get listed.