A good first week

Posted by Jens Loesel on

I still need to learn how to work the blog - seems this article was stuck hidden for a long time (I assumed it was lost)

The first orders are out and have already arrived with our customers. Some more sets have been added and also more shipping options. Royal Mail tracked allows cheaper shipping across Europe for small parcels. 

I also did 2 more paint jobs. I did my very first own Dungeon Set. This was mainly a test exercise. I wanted to know how much time it takes and how close I can get to the original. I'm quite pleased how it turned out - even if one of four colours used needs a replacement.

First Paint job by Thod

My second paint job were braziers. This work had three purposes:

  1. Do all LEDs still work
  2. Offering something interesting in the shop
  3. Wanting a few of these myself

You can see the result in the custom piece section. 

Please let me know any feedback you have for the store and what you think is missing/needs improvement. I can't guarantee it will be done - but I will listen.